Welcome to 2016! There is sooooooo much time until the end of the year, right?! The hustle and bustle of last year is all behind us, and now we have a brand new year to reach new goals and to do new things!


II encourage everyone to look back on last year and truly ask, "Did I reach my potential? What did I say I was going to accomplish last year? And did I really do that?"

I'm almost certain that there will be some area that we all fall short in. AND THAT'S OKAY. But what is not okay is our recognition of our shortcomings, and our failure to attempt to do something about them. THAT IS WHAT THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE IS ALL ABOUT...AND THAT IS WHY WE EXIST...

People typically say something along the lines of the following, " Be grateful! You made it to a brand new year! Be thankful" And I agree. But ther is nothing wrong with ALSO doing some self-evaluation while remaining grateful for another year of life. No one will be penalized for taking note that there was and still is room for positive personal growth. Meeting the call of duty for exploiting that potential is merely another opportunity! So what if you are a little late due to 2015 quickly passing you by! Just make sure that you now view everyday of the glorious New Year as 365 opportunities to become more, do more, and live more than we ever have before! January 1, 2016 was the first blank page of your new book for this year. Make sure your few opening lines are darn good ones!

Let's get 'em, Go-getters!




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