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Have you found YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE? This is one of the most profound questions we’ll all eventually ask ourselves throughout our short life spans on this precious Earth. And it’s not an easy question to answer. Unfortunately, many people go through life feeling as if they will never find it. To make matters worse, most people keep this internal struggle hidden within. They do not share their insecurities and concerns for fear of appearing weak, out of control, and less than the image of themselves they are “selling” to others. They feel as if they have no one to talk to, even though that’s often not the case at all. It’s just that stubbornness and pride get in the way, and thus serves as the domed barrier that not only keeps people out, but also suffocates them inside with denial, depression and self-loathing. However, there is a different path! Let’s change our ways of thinking!

When folks begin to rise in their authentic purpose, fulfilling the ultimate plans that God and the Universe has weaved for them, they learn that strength is the derivative of identifying and embracing weakness, so they may control and conquer it! They understand that finally accepting their purpose and true calling in life is a straight-forward, highly proactive exercise of inner analysis. We must tear ourselves up into itty bitty pieces, and stare at the ugliest kibbles and bits to understand our inner workings. Only then can we magnify our good parts and minimize our ugly ones to find the potential inherit to living out our true purposes. In tandem with this introspective spiritual rebirth is the necessity to identify great mentors whose essence commingles with our own. Such strengthening relationships yield new ways of evolutionary thinking. Sure, none of this is easy. However, what is the word “easy” but a way to simply speak how we perceive a given situation at hand. Another way of thinking about this is . . . one day something is DIFFICULT, and then, after careful deliberation, thought, education, and analysis, days later that same something becomes EASY.

I hope you've had the chance to check out my latest YouTube Inspirational Insight, “Finding Purpose.” I applaud anyone who has done the research, done the homework, and landed on their authentic purpose. But there are many who aren’t so fortunate. This Inspirational Insight is for them . . . as “I Exist to Inspire.” So please share. It feels good to finally have the answer! It’s all about perspective before you embark on your own daunting, purpose-finding journey. And the truth is, sometimes the answer is already staring you right in your face, if only you’d stop being stubborn, kill your stifling distractions, pray and commune with your Higher Power, and move into actionthereafter . . .


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