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6 Reasons to Get
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It's no secret. I have a broad array of experience across multiple projects, and multiple professions, interacting with multiple personality types and teams! And that means, I must have a mechanism to keep it all moving in a way that's manageable and geared toward achieving successful outcomes, right?

So over the years, people constantly asked me, "How do you do it?" and "How do you handle so much and keep it all together." What they didn't know is that I developed a methodical mental "system" to help me keep everything in order and on a path toward success. As a trained Systems Engineer, I learned to use simplified versions of techniques I employ in the corporate world in my very own life!


In my book, "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success," you will find that I cover several pertinent topics for success that follow as you read on in this blog post. I take you along the path of a character I have created in the book named Janet. Janet desires to develop an interior design business; thus, I share with you a fantastic methodical approach she uses, My Success System V! And this is a SIMPLE yet effective technique EVERYONE can use to reach to new heights of success in his or her life.

1. Turning Your Vision for Success to a Plan

Everyone has a vision for his or her success. People always have desires for living their best lives or becoming the best versions of themselves. Then, when they finally become clear about who they are, whom they desire to be, or what they wish to achieve, they realize the first hard step is figuring out what to do next. In my book, A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success, that step is developing a SIMPLE Success Plan, which includes a SIMPLE Success Schedule and a SIMPLE Success Budget. This approach is simple, but indeed, extremely effective in getting you going!

2. Identifying Preliminary Resources for Your Success Based on That Plan

Doing ANYTHING and making it successful requires not only a lot of hard work, but also RESOURCES. Ever heard that saying, "It takes money to make money"? Well, it's true. You cannot avoid this. And what you don't pay for in the form of money, you sacrifice in the form of time. So another saying comes to mind here, "Time is money." So face it. You need resources to be successful. Don't ignore this as so many people do because they are afraid to come to grips with reality. They want to put blinders on when it comes to seeing the amount of sacrifice it requires to be successful. (Life is easier that way, right? Yet, still unhappily led.) So, What I challenge the reader to do in "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success" is note how Janet approaches starting up her interior design business. She comes up with a SIMPLE Success Schedule and a SIMPLE Success Budget, and then she gets to work!

3. Knowing How to Set Standards and Define Requirements for Your Success

People often get trapped in a state of limbo when it comes to planning their success. I've met many people planning projects or businesses. And as time passed, when I looped back around to them to figure out how the project or business was going, they told me once again they were in the planning stages . . . still. Doesn't that seem like a waste of time? Now, don't get me wrong, PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS. However, inefficient planning for success is worthless. (Again, time is money, so don't waste it.) Your SIMPLE Success Plan provides the context for establishing the elemental requirements you need to make successful things happen! Treat them as contracts with yourself so that YOU hold YOURSELF accountable for becoming YOUR BEST YOU!  In my book, "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success," Janet has examples of both good and bad requirements. And I inform you how you should capture them to keep yourself accountable with simplistic clarity

4. Ensuring Those Requirements End Up Providing You With Evidence to Know You're on the Right Path

We all have requirements.  We have requirements for ourselves. We have requirements for our partners in life, homes, health, leisure, etc. But we're not always good at managing them, or even defining them well enough to know we are meeting them. On the other hand, sometimes, we define requirements for ourselves and things in our lives that are so outlandish, we'll never achieve them. That's because they don't align with an authentic evaluation of ourselves or our lives at the very beginning. So many people in life are suffering because they have defined requirements for themselves that make no sense. These are requirements that don't align with a person's true nature. It's because the person has set expectations or requirements on themselves that rely on their perceptions of how other people have become successful in life.  In this case, get rid of these requirements or renegotiate them with yourself. My book, "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success," teaches you to be real! No faking it! Birth your vision for your success in pure authenticity. Only then will you truly be happy with whatever it is you achieve!

5. Validating Your Success Based on What You Initially Set Out to Do

Success planning is so much to think about, right? Now do you see why we need an effective method to achieve it and RETAIN OUR HAPPINESS in the process? Happiness is directly related to validating our success, which should be linked to our SIMPLE Success Plan! I help you see this in "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success"! I help you realize that a SIMPLE Success Plan helps you stick to something that is easy to manage . . . something that captures your true vision and the objectives you have set for yourself, your life, and your business, i.e. the higher life you were meant to lead!

6. And, Finally Realizing You Have the Ability to Not Only Visualize Your Success But Also Actualize Your Success

You can do it! A phrase I constantly mentor others to remove from their vocabulary is "I can't." Those words should be used only when absolutely necessary. People often say, "I can't" before Thinking, Visualizing, Planning, Writing Requirements, or Measuring their current efforts. I know the road to success is hard. It's full of heartache, long hours, harsh reality checks, and tedious strategy efforts that seem very long, almost endless. I sympathize with you.  BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I WROTE MY BOOK. I wrote a "A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success" to help when no else can. I wrote my book to explain a methodology I employ, because when I had no one else to help, I reached inside myself and prayed for answers that have come to serve me well. The read is SIMPLE. And now, to make it even more attainable, my book is also an audiobook! You will not be disappointed. Most importantly, once you have it in your hands, you'll have a blueprint for success that keeps rising your higher self!

Go Get'em GoGetters! 
No Stress Success! 


Daymond "The Brands"


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