High Standards

High Standards: Are Yours Too High?

By Daymond, The Original "Plurapreneur"

If you’re like me, you’ve been accused at one time or another in your life of being too detail oriented, to worried about stuff, and . . . dare I say it . . . a perfectionist. But that’s never stopped me from getting what I need, and getting a whole lot of the things I actually want out of life. Because of this, I am very grateful to God and the Universe, which often folds it way around me to resonate in accordance to my authentic desires. But my life wasn’t always like this. I learned how to embrace who I am, fully love who I am, and live in solid authenticity. Thereafter, regardless of what others may have thought of me or my actions, as long as I knew I was operating on my own authentic , positive intentions, I used people’s commentary only as supplemental information, not truth or gospel, for how I should be based on their perceptions of me. So, I want the same liberating outcome for you too. When someone tells you your standards are too high while you’re in the midst of chasing a goal or an achievement, don’t get your feelings hurt or feel as if you have to defend your thoughts and desires. Just understand that everybody’s commentary—good and bad—can be used for something good. You just need to learn what to do with their perceptions of you. For me, people's criticism translated into taking control of my personal brand, whether it's in corporate America, in my social life, or throughout my social media outlets. Now, this is something I mentor, train, and consult others to do.

"For me, people's criticism translated to taking control of my personal brand, whether it's in corporate America, in my social life, or throughout my social media outlets. Now, this is something I mentor, train, and consult others to do."

Everyone comes into your life for a reason. And every ounce of feedback someone offers to you, whether it’s negative or positive, is value add. However, we often sabotage our success and achievements in life when we fail to organize people’s input in our minds and filter it for our benefit . . . not theirs. Most people either throw away and ignore people's taunts and jeers, or absorb them into our lives as concerns and worries.  But both of those actions are stifling to us. We need to do something different.  We need to change our mindsets. You see, if we just think objectively about their commentary and shelve those criticisms accordingly as simple data points from normal people just like you and me, then we retain control of our lives. We do not let others do that for their own self-serving, self-righteous, or downright demeaning intentions.

When someone says your standards are too high, use that as constructive feedback to perhaps revise or reorganize your standards. Revisit your standards as a sanity check, because all feedback, good or bad, can ultimately become beneficial to you . . . if you use it correctly. Let me say this a different way: if someone tells you your standards are too high, or you’re a perfectionist regarding some goal you’re attempting to accomplish, then be prepared to see some of your standards as those belonging in the HARD-TO-DO category.  YET, DON’T DWELL ON THAT CRITICAL COMMENT. Just go back to drawing board to figure out if you’re actually prepared or positioned to meet your high standards. A common mistake many people make is defining high standards is doing so without defining or expecting the demanding sacrifices required to achieve those goals. Nothing comes easy. And we often do not do the necessary upfront work to actually understand what we’re asking the Universe to provide to us. Then, we get upset and frustrated when our high standards aren’t being met. So, next time someone tells your standards are too high, that may just be the Universe revealing to you that you must think about those high standards a little harder.  Then, respond according with clarity knowing what it really takes to meet them.


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