Hi Evolver! 

I remember having many moments of self-reflection and prayer so that I could allow God to communicate with me. And over the years, the answers came, and the Universe ebbed around every decision I made. Along with all the decisions came even more answers and more actions I took. And with the increasing clarity of each subsequent answer, I knew I was traveling the right path. I still know it. Now, Daymond & Co. Creative is just one of those answers that came. It’s the strategic result of balance and convergence thus allowing me the blend my personal brand and genuine nature with something I love to do . . . CREATE.

Now, instead of having Moksha Media as it’s own brand, which appears to be something I do, I will now have Daymond & Co. Creative which is something I AM. It’s part of my own personal evolution. So I’m practicing what I preach. I encourage so many others to take their unique and similar paths in life. As I move forward with Daymond & Co. Creative, I’m sure I’ll continue to evolve in joy, blending my professions with my unique purposes. And I will continue to provide the same awesome branding and design work to my clients. What’s different is that a little more of my soul and passion will be woven into each and every product and service!

I have been running Moksha Media for a long time. In fact, I started Moksha Media back in August of 2011 when I was ready to push Divine Designs by Daymond to another level. Ever since I moved to DFW in 2004, I had business on the brain. So I started Divine Designs by Daymond as soon as I transitioned here for a corporate job. No, I did not mess around. That’s just how my mind works; and during the drive to Dallas, with all my crap in tow in the moving truck, I remember thinking to myself, “Why waste any of my life at all if I could move and start fresh while effectively turning something I love to do into a revenue-generating freelance job." That just seemed like the smart thing to do. Eventually, my other freelance businesses sprung up like mushrooms, including Moksha Media for graphics and branding, AgentsDFW for real estate, Omniversal for book publishing, Perimeter Zen for private events, and Plurapreneur® for strategic success and life coaching.

It seems I’ve always been on an evolutionary path, both personally and professionally. But it has been a very challenging journey. Let me be honest: it’s been a rollercoaster ride. Yet, those who know me well know I love challenges. Intuitively, I’m a problem solver; so I generally walk into challenges like stepping outdoors into beaming sunshine. That’s because I always know I will get through my problems. In the end, I will emerge a stronger person, much better because of them.

My decision to transform Moksha Media into Daymond & Co. Creative is just fallout from tracking and resolving my looming challenge to balance and sustain doing so much and working so hard. Many people struggle with that just as I do. Generally, we have so much good will, effort, and talent to offer to the world. It’s no wonder many of us dare to make lives for ourselves commensurate with turning our passions into enriching work. Still, very few of us are lucky enough to find fulltime work doing exactly what we want. For me, I’ve strategized living life in both the corporate and freelance sectors. I owe all of that to STRATEGY, BALANCE, AND CONVERGENCE. Passion is easy to follow when we embrace the challenges we’re meant to grab hold to and conquer. Battle on my fellow Evolver! And now, please feel free to visit my new branding, design and coaching website,!



Daymond E. Lavine, CLC


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