Oh, No! It’s Raining. Let’s Postpone…

So last weekend, despite the fact that the clouds were grey, the rain poured, and the roads were slick, I still managed to stick to a pretty rigorous entrepreneurial schedule! My in-person business meetings were still handled without a glitch, and most of my business tasks were completed to my satisfaction. Yet, I could not help but think about how we as entrepreneurs sometimes limit ourselves because of excuses.

In the past, I recall having some fledgling business dealings that didn’t seem to be important to some of the potential business associates I was attempting to forge relationships with. I remember how I used to be gung-ho about getting some new venture or business opportunity off the ground, but the other person found an excuse for postponing or canceling the meeting. In many cases I recall THE WEATHER being one of those excuses. Whether this excuse was truly a valid one or not, I may never know. But I will say that I sometimes wondered if something was wrong with me because I strongly criticized the other person for not being as passionate about a business opportunity as I was.

Was I being too hard on the other person? Was I pushing myself too hard for a potential joint venture that wasn’t even well-defined? After all, if a working relationship isn’t fleshed out yet, or it does not generate any income at the moment, then why worry about it so much?

Well, I’ll tell you why. All successful businesses that exist today began with a concept. After the concept was born, supporters began to carry it forward…without pay, only on the whims of a dream and the will to make something great! And all great things require sacrifice. Surely, if you are truly dedicated to a project, and there’s a little rain on the roads, then you grab your umbrella, drive cautiously, and making it to your business meeting to accomplish something wonderful! Now as for snow, hurricanes, typhoons, and great floods…well, those are a different story. But even then, telecoms may still suffice LOL.

Don’t let coordination with other folks or businesses stand in the way of your entrepreneurial goals.

If excuses offered by other people cause you to push out your deadlines for accomplishing your goals, then find other ways to get your tasks done! Listen to what the universe is telling you. The most important resource you have at your disposal is the power of now. MOVE TODAY despite any obstacles you encounter…even the weather!

Go Get’em!



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