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So, my blog posts are typically pretty heady, right? But ever since I embarked on expanding my personal inspirational brand, Daymond & Co., to encompass more things I love like fashion and travel finds and deals, I figured I would share that with you as well! So here is the fashion topic currently on my brain: My Chucks and Their Replacement!

When it comes to fashion, I'm super picky! To complicate matters, I just can't get outside my engineering brain. I'm trained to think very efficiently.  That means, I want what I want . . . ON A MAKES-$EN$E BUDGET! You see, I must stay in budget and STAY ON-TREND AT THE SAME TIME! However, there are moments when it's not just about budget: It's also about embracing trends, EVEN WHEN THEY CLASH WITH WHAT I THINK LOOKS GOOD! So, here comes the story about my favorite pair of chucks. See the picture below: 

I swear I LOVE these John Varvatos (JV) All Stars, and I KNOW they were meant specifically for me! One of my favorite retail stores is Nordstrom Rack. I go there sometimes to browse through the latest trends on a budget, and their shoe section is SUPER SERIOUS! One day I ran across these shoes, and I thought to myself, "I HATE All Stars, but there is something HOT about these." I picked them up, looked at them, and then put them back in the box.  I didn't get them that day, but I took note that JV never ceases to impress me.  About a week later, I went back to Nordstrom Rack, and I saw this same pair of shoes. Again, I picked them up. But this time, I tried them on. Again, I thought they were cool, but Chucks???? Ugh! Meh, not for me. I mean, seriously, I used to despise this style of shoes. So, I left the store once more without those JV Chucks in tow. Now, get this . . . after that day, I never forgot about them. And my prior notions of disgust with the Chucks style of shoe began to suddenly fade! Just as the seasons change, so should our willingness to embrace fashions that keep us looking good and feeling great! Thus, I made the decision that if those shoes were still available the next time I visit Nordstrom Rack, then I would purchase them. Besides, I just couldn't get them out of my mind. So, long story short, they were! And I got them! And the price point was amazing, well below the $200+ retail value for those at that time.

Now, even though those JV All Stars are now one of my favorite pair of shoes, I still needed a little adjustment time to determine how I'd fit them into my wardrobe.  But that didn't take long. Soon after I bought them, tapered pants for men started popping up EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness, because those shoes fit right in. I quickly fell in love with them. And I especially like the fact that those very shoes are meant to become your favorite pair of Chucks by design.  If you're familiar with John Varvatos, one of the hottest fashion designers of mens clothing, then you know the brand typically adds distressed details across the entire fashion line.  It's gritty, bold, and ultra-masculine. The day I got those JV Chucks, that star you see peeling off the side was exactly like that! LOL, I thought that was hot then. But as of today, I figure the time has come for A REPLACEMENT PAIR!

Obvously, it's now clearly established that I love Chucks! Not just any old pair, of course . . . the upscale versions, that is. Hee Hee! Still, I never would have thought I would. And as I contemplated getting another JV pair, and scoured websites to find some I like, it didn't take me long to land on another Uscale Brand/All Star collabo!  (Thanks, Bailey!) So, check these out. They're Comme des Garçon Chucks! Aren't these SUPER HOT?!
(Daymond & Co. is a Brand Affiliate of Nordstrom.com)

I had to put this hotness right there on my website at Daymond & Co. just to share! As you can see, these are a bit polished compared to my John Varvatos Chucks; but hey, we all need a little contrast in our wardrobes.  And John Varvatos will always be close to my heart as a fashion icon and favorite.  But there is something about that Hidden Heart fashion detail that speaks to me! LOL. So, I can't wait to pop these on and hit the streets! Hope you like them too!

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