So What's the Difference in Coaching and Everything Else?

 Hi Evolver!

It's been a while since I posted a formal video of any kind, but I figured I would get back to it.  You see, I've been extremely busy lately. I was embarking on a new home build journey, while handling my business in Corporate America, as well as running my own freelance businesses. It’s been nonstop for me, and that’s a blessing! So, here and there, I posted short vids for my event venue loft, Perimeter Zen, but those weren't really of the caliber comparable to my Inspirational Moments or Magnificent Mogul®.Interviews. Needless to say, I've been just as busy as ever with my Branding and Coaching Clients. And an idea for a formal video kept popping into my mind! It was time for me to post this one: "Coaching vs. Everything Else."

There are so many options out there nowadays for people to choose regarding self-improvement. And the marketplace is saturated with many service providers pushing their own agendas for helping others. Coaching is one of those fields whereas A LOT of people call themselves coaches, but a slew of them don't have any sort of formal training or certification with standard methods or practices in place.


One thing I always do is have a conversation with all my  potential coaching clients that involves understanding just how Coaching differs from Consultation, Mentoring, and Therapy. This is very important because although each option is great, each varies quite a bit from the others.

Because I work across so many different activities and fields, I engage in most of them. I’m even the recipient of some great coaching and mentoring by others. But one thing is for sure: I want you to be just as clear as I am when you seek out your own best options for self-improvement. 

Remember, I coach Pluralistic Personal Development and Embracing Variable Entrepreneurship and Finding Joy in Life, Work, Family Relationships & Personal Transitions!  I certainly hope you enjoy my video and simple breakdown of “Coaching vs. Everything Else.” I must admit, it is a bit high-level; however, keep in mind that you may reach out to me to get a detailed understanding. And if you’re ready to start your coaching journey with me, I’d be happy to get you going! 

Never Stop Going!

Be Your Best YOU!  XO

Daymond The Brand, CLC


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